Rules & Guests

Rule Change

The Board of Directors review the rules and make changes as necessary. The most recent review and approved changes took effect on May 17, 2018. The Board revised some of the guest rules. Please note the following changes:

  • Amend Rule 4.1 (formerly 4.2). Members 16 years of age and older may sign in up to 10 guests per day, with a household maximum of 10 guests per day. The member must be present at the gate as each guest enters the facility.
  • Amend Rule 4.2 (formerly 4.3). If you are planning a gathering of 10 or more guests you are required to advise the office in advance. You will be required to complete an Association form listing the names of all of your guests. There is a maximum of one list (25 guests) per household per day. A special request may be made to management for groups exceeding 25 guests, but limited to two (2) requests per household per year. Special requests must be made at least one week in advance.

Please click on the link below for a full copy of the rules.



Members - Guests lists

If you are planning a gathering of 10 or more guests please advise the Office in advance (maximum 25 guests per household). You are required to complete an Association form listing the names and communities of all your guests. We are no longer accepting green sheet lists (since 2010) and have reformatted the “Members Guest list”. We feel this format will benefit the members and the Association’s Administration. Benefits include:

  • Convenience to members. Forms can be downloaded from our website and submitted by email.

  • Improved efficiency at the gate. 

  • Reduce slowdowns at the gate; which were a result of searching for names on non-legible lists

  • Office reviews Guest lists and ensures they are filled out correctly

Please view the Members Guest List. The Link includes the “Guest list”, information on how to fill it out, and the amount of notice required fro approval. Please review thoroughly and fill the list out correctly to avoid unapproved guest lists.

*Please Note: Some versions of Adobe Reader will not allow you to submit the form via email. If you are not able to email the list please print off the form and bring it to the main Office, or fax it to 403-257-2913. You can also scan the list to your computer and send it via email as an attachment. Thank you.

FISHING RULES - catching limits

In October 2016, we stocked the lake with brown trout and in May 2017 we stocked Brook trout. There are very small populations of both brooks and browns so the Board determined the catching limits which are reflected in the rules. Brook and Brown Trout will be catch and release only at this time and it is strictly prohibited to keep any brown or brook trout. Rainbow trout limits remain the same.