Pay Fees


Click HERE to pay membership fees Online or navigate to Have your invoice and access number ready.


As a property owner in the community of McKenzie Lake you are a member of the McKenzie Lake Residents Association (MLRA). The MLRA is a not-for-profit organization which manages the assets owned by the Association for the benefit of its members. An encumbrance is registered on the title to your property in favor of your Association to ensure annual payments are provided in accordance with the registered Articles of Association. Payment is mandatory and applies to each and every McKenzie Lake property owner who has an encumbrance registered on title. This annual fee is mandatory whether you plan to use the facilities or not.

Methods of Payment

  1. Cash and Debit payments currently suspended. The Office is currently OPEN, but with restrictions due to COVID-19. Please see home page for COVID-19 updates.
  2. Cheque – Mailed to the address listed to the right; or placed in the main building locked mail slot anytime. Please include the invoice stub or ensure the address is correct on the cheque. Please note that given the high number of payments via cheque and limited staff, processing times are longer than usual and could take up to a few weeks. We ask for your patience at this time.
  3. Online – Credit Card payment using our new system. Instructions are found on a PDF by clicking on the link below.
  4. Phone – Credit Card payment using a module in our new system called Telepay. Instructions are found on a PDF by clicking on the link below.

Note: The Option to pay credit card is only available online or through Telepay. We will NOT be accepting credit cards in person at the office.

Online and Telepay Payment Instructions Click HERE