COVID-19 Update #2

Published Monday, March 16, 2020 9:00 am

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19, the City of Calgary has declared a state or local emergency and have closed all of their recreation facilities. The health and safety our staff, members and guests are of upmost priority so following the lead of the City of Calgary, and to support the Government’s efforts to promote social distancing and help limit the spread of COVID-19, we are further increasing our response by closing the park, building, and lake indefinitely until further notice.
What does this mean?
- All skating, ice fishing and all other park activities are closed.
- The Office is closed so payments by cash and debit are currently unavailable.
- All programs are cancelled and future planning is suspended.
- Planning of special events are suspended.
- Beach Club booking requests are put on hold at this time. Members with existing dates
  booked will be contacted to review options.

As you are aware, we have mailed membership fee invoices to our members due April 1, 2020. Thank you to all of our members who have paid to date, and who plan to do so in the near future. Although we are not accepting payments in person, we continue to accept payment via credit card online, and through Telepay. We also have a secured mailbox at the front entrance of the building for those who wish to pay cheque or money order. We understand that many of our members prefer to pay with cash or debit but unfortunately we cannot process these types of payments at this time. We are however extending the annual fee deadline to May 1st.

To pay online or through Telepay, please visit our website at, and click on the “Pay Fees” tab at the top of the page for additional information, or refer to the invoice mail out.

We know that accurate information from reputable sources plays a very important role in ensuring the safety of everyone. For any additional information we recommend our members visit the following resources online:

Government of Alberta - 
Government of Canada -  
World Health Organization - 

If you have any questions or concerns please email the General Manager – 

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will provide updates as needed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.