Park Conditions

Published Friday, December 13, 2019 8:00 am

DANGER THIN ICE - DO NOT go out onto the ice. There are numerous pressure cracks and it is still not quite thick enough for foot traffic.

PLEASURE RINK - OPEN. The rink will open on Friday December 6th @noon.

TOBOGGANING - OPEN. Do NOT sled out onto the lake until we have removed the thin ice signs.

ICE FISHING - CLOSED. Will open once the Thin Ice signs are down.

LAKE SKATING AND HOCKEY - CLOSED. Skating will open once the thin ice signs are removed and we are able to clear the rinks with equipment.



We last tested the lake ice on Monday December 10th and determined it is not yet safe for foot traffic. The ice is still lacking enough "black ice" which is the strongest and most reliable form of ice. Due to the warming trend we had in mid to late November, with a combination of heavy snowfall, the ice has been slow to thicken and has a crusty layer of "white ice"on the surface. This ice is not nearly as strong as the black ice and actually insulates the lake delaying the freezing process. There are also numerous pressure cracks releasing water to the surface. The water does not freeze right away, even in extremely cold conditions. The water and snow combination create slush until it finally freezes over creating more crusty white ice. White ice not only lacks strength but it is also a poor skating surface. We will continue to monitor the lake ice and open when it is safe.