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MLRA offers some of the most popular and affordable recreational programs for adults, youth and the whole family, right here in your community.  You’ll find just the right program to fit your needs!  Spring programs are currently underway with summer sessions starting in July. All programs are open to members and their family and friends so tell everyone about us and our line-up. We have been expanding our programs for the last few years and will continue to offer more as long as there is interest for it.

Registration is Open for spring programs. Even though sessions are underway, Drop-In passes are available for Zumba and Yoga.

Please note that all programs starting in May and onwards will be posted on our Ivrnet Central website. Members and non-members can view and register for programs by clicking on the link:




Summer 2019 Programs
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Important Registration Information:


Residents: If you know your login information please feel free to sign up by logging into your account at - you do not already have this information, DO NOT register to create a new account. This will NOT link you to your account with us and you will be entered as a non-member rather than a member, and you will not receive the discount. If you have confirmed your account but forgot your email or password, please follow the instructions. If you are not sure if your account has been confirmed, e-mail or call us at 403-257-1657and we will link you to your account.

For those who can log in, the link will bring you to a log in screen where you have to enter your email address and password. If you have already confirmed you account, please log in. Once you are successfully logged in you will be brought to our home page and you will find our program listing at the bottom of the page.


Non-residents: The programs we offer are open to members and non-members. If you are not a resident of McKenzie Lake and are not entitled to a member discount, please feel free to creat your own account.