Program Information

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, all spring programs are cancelled. We are closely monitoring the situation and still have yet to determine if we will be offering summer programs in 2020. We will do our best to update our members as soon as possible and hope we can get back on track as soon as it is safe to do so.

Registration is Temporarily Closed. 


Important Registration Information:

MEMBERSIn order to receive your member discount, you must log in to your existing account. If you know your login information, please log in to your account by clicking on the link -

If you do not already have this information, DO NOT register to create a new account. This will NOT link you to your account with us and you will be entered as a non-member rather than a member, and you will not receive the discount. If you have confirmed your account but forgot your email or password, please follow the instructions to recover. If you are not sure if your account has been confirmed, e-mail or call us at 403-257-1657 and we will link you to your account.

For those who can log in, the link will bring you to a log in screen where you have to enter your email address and password. If you have already confirmed you account, please log in. Once you are successfully logged in you will be brought to the home page. At this point please click on "Profile", which is located on the top right of the home page. You will then see a number of tabs along the left side of the page. Please click on the "Entourage" tab and confirm the members of your household. Please add your children (if missing from your account) one by one selecting "create user" button. Fill in the information and click "add to entourage" to confirm. You should now see them in your entourage. Tick the box "extend memberships", and they are now entered into our system as a resident, and therefore receive the member discount. Once this process is completed you can now register you or your family members in our programs. Click on our logo and name to be brought to the home page and you will see a listing of our programs.

Non-MEMBERSThe programs we offer are open to members and non-members. If you are not a member of McKenzie Lake Residents Association please create a new account by clicking on the link  Follow the instructions above to add family members to your entourage and register.

Note: We have experienced a few situations where emails are already taken and we need to internally resolve the issue. Please contact us by email or phone if you need any help. We thank you for your patience.

All programs will be posted on our Ivrnet Central website. We are no longer using Eventbrite.